Hi Fashion Online!: Linda Ikeji's Hermes Bag- The Cost Of Being Successful And Single

I read a story about Linda Ikeji's fake Hermes bags, and the comments followed got me thinking, "Don't you just hate a woman who is so successful and unmarried." https://techpoint.africa/2016/11/01/linda-ikeji-taking-on-facebook-with-linda-ikeji-social/ might hold minority opinion on this topic but I love that woman; call her proud, call her bush, but she rose above the dirt that was her life. https://www.sunnewsonline.com/popular-blogger-linda-ikeji-is-pregnant/ visit her blog every day because I'm sorry, no matter where I go, gist just seems sweeter on that platform. I know a woman who bashes her and calls her names all the time, but still shamelessly admits that that's her go-to blog for gist.

Dabota Lawson was showing off her billionaire wife skills on Instagram and everyone seemed to want her "blessing." Show me the way, they said, I want to be like you, they famzed, (Who names her business after her billionaire husband anyway?) Ini Edo posted her shoe closet the other day, social media swooned (I wasn't impressed anyway, it never translates into her personal style, but I digress) Linda Ikeji then posts her Birkin and trolls march into her comments space and even go as far as photoshopping a message from Hermes? What is she doing that any of us don't already do? Celebs show off new cars every day but Linda Ikeji can't?

We get engaged we flaunt our diamonds, we buy new cars and we rush to post on Instagram, Davido buys a wrist watch that cost two cars and social media sings Osinachi, but Linda Ikeji buys a Birkin and she shows off too much. HYPOCRITES!!! This fuckery is what drives me to succeed, married or unmarried. My goodness! Women, rise above this pettiness, let's be real, if I were Linda of course, I'll get angry at some point, why always me, why can't I be on Instagram and use it like any other person, why do people pick on only me!

Look, Egbon social media, if you want the bag, go and take it!

I wore my dress as a jacket today because the economy is getting bad and I have to wise up and save. Recycling and restyling your clothes is a great way to stay stylish without breaking bank. linda ikeji changed jobs recently so I have more time on my hands for rants and random thoughts. linda ikeji will share them once in a while. E go better my people.

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